HANDMADE SEAWEED SKINCARE Beautifully Naturally Vegan

Why Seaweed?

Why Seaweed?

Types of Seaweed used in The Wild Irish Skincare Products

Bladder Wrack

Rich in mineral content, bladder wrack helps shield the skin from environmental stress. Known for its water binding properties, it moisturises, softens & soothes the skin while supporting healthy collegen and elastin.


Dulse is an algae with thick reddish leaves. It is a nutrient rich and packed with antioxidants to help combat premature aging. It helps remove skin impurities, regenerates broken capillaries and skin tissue.


Kelp is the large brown algae you may have brushed against while swimming in salt water. The Atlantic oceans ice cold ater produce rich nutrient packed kelp that is darker in colour and richer in minerals like iodine, magnesium and iron. It offers hydrating and exfoliating properties, is anti inflammatory and great for those with skin conditions prone to flares or breakouts

I purchased this face balm and i can say with certainty that it is truly wonderful. It cares for the skin. lightens small spots and absorbs perfectly leaving no traces of grease. I an super satisfied with this high quality product.

Marileno Martino

My secound purchase and two bottles because I never want to run out!


Knowing this is 100% natural and vegan clinched it for me. The texture is luscious and intense without feeling greasy. It feels like a shield of protection post shave that lasts all day.

Nigel M

Soothing, smells great and its so good to find something so effective that doesn't irritate my skin. All the products from The Wild Irish are amazing!

Josh Taylor